Visualise data

Data is stored in the IoT Open in mainly two different places. The AAM (Access and Assets manager) module saves information about functions and devices. A function is something that can be measured, displayed and / or controlled. There is metadata around each function, for example which topic on MQTT as information about this is communicated. Data sent on the MQTT and also via other power management integrations is stored in a time series database cluster (TSD). With the help of information about the current function, the components in the platform or integrators can retrieve relevant data quickly and efficiently for further processing, such as presentation in graph, deeper analysis, AI or other processing.

Examples of visualization of data that is currently connected to the platform are various customized administrative portals and apps as well as existing components on the market such as Grafana, Node-RED, Nagios, HP NNM, OP5 Monitor, Thingsboard and SignalK or overlying applications via Fiware NGSI-9, SNMP etc.

In the basic platform, there is a web interface where staff, in addition to administering users, organizations, gateways, etc., can also see the current status and simpler log data. There are also simpler iOS and Android apps for certain gateway management, visualizing sensor data and controlling devices.