The platform

Reach the full potential of IoT with IoT Open, a fast, flexible, and scalable IoT platform. IoT Open can act as the foundation for all IoT solutions, big or small.

The future is bright for IoT. But with so many platforms on the market that lock their customers to specific devices or protocols, finding reliable and future-proof solutions for IoT applications can be difficult.

IoT Open puts your business at the forefront of IoT development with built-in flexibility that makes it suitable for any application

The IoT Open platform is technology agnostic, which means it can support various IoT devices regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol. The open components of IoT Open makes solutions cost-effective from the start, whether the goal is to optimize a production line or to create a better customer experience. IoT Open also makes it easy to integrate with third-party products to build any solutions you need now or in the future.

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