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About Acobia

Acobia creates intelligent solutions, integrating businesses, organisations and systems into one smart whole.

With the ability to understand ideas and complicated causal links, to plan, and to solve problems, Acobia creates intelligent control and surveillance systems for clients with high demands for efficiency, accessibility, and security. Acobia makes your business smarter, regardless of whether it’s a property, a production facility, or an infrastructure facility.

With over 25 years of experience, we take a well-developed and holistic approach to our services, in which we take responsibility for project implementation, design, programming, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. This is so that our customers can focus on what they do best, their own business.

Constantly developing

In a world where technology is developing faster and faster, new opportunities are opening up all the time. We’re developing a new way of working and collaborating in order to meet these demands.

In just over one year, our Transformer Team has pushed our work forwards by investigating the market’s impending needs and new business models. It has become clear to us that we should expand our role from system integrator to an Integrator of Intelligence.

By integrating organisations, people, and technology, we create serious benefits in business and the environment. We are now turning our gaze ambitiously towards creating a smarter world. At the same time, we are also tidying things up a bit and shortening our name to Acobia!

Why Acobia?

Knowledge about how monitoring / control works today in our three business areas, Infrastructure, industry and buildings automation. Both technically but also organizationally.

System integration

Knowledge of how data is collected today and in the future and how data-driven solutions can be integrated into existing systems. Expertise in SCADA, PLC, databases, IoT, cloud solutions and the integration between them.

ML/data science

Knowledge of how ML and data science can be used to create value in buildings automation, industry and infrastructure


Alleato started as a project within Ericsson in 1999 and are today has been doing bussines in 2 different areas

  • Digital care and e-health
  • Partner solutions and OEM

Alleato is focusing on eHealth and Social care and we have invested more than 100 MSEK in R&D. Our solutions has been embraced by networks, municipalities, county councils, real estate companies and operators. We have also participated in several EU & Vinnova projects.

Alleato build services on top of IoT Open and are experts using IoT within the e-health area.


Attentec is an independent expert and systems integrator in internet of things (IoT) helping our customers choose and develop the right IoT solution.

We make processes, products and offers better and more competitive.

Quick facts:

  • Established 2005
  • Over 100 successfully delivered IoT projects
  • Offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Oslo
  • Part of CombinedX, a family of nine knowledge enterprises, each making use of market leading technology with top-of-the-line business knowhow within their niche

We offer Business development, Architecture, Realization, and Operations.

Our expertise comprises:

  • Business development
  • Procurement support
  • System architecture
  • Cloud
  • Apps
  • Visualization & user experience
  • Data analysis
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Data communication
  • Software development
  • Embedded systems
  • Integration
  • Security & integrity


IoT Opens owner TH1NG is a Cisco Partner and we cooperate within different customer and business areas including smart societies, smart buildings and IIoT. The IoT Open Edge software can be installed in a variety of cisco networking equipment including industrial routers, catalyst switches WiFi access points and others.

There are many IoT Open customers using the Cisco IXM LoRaWAN gateway.


Helping customers in the ”Mälardalen”-region with communication solutions and setting up innovative services using 30 years of telco experience and since some time LoRaWAN and iot- solutions for smart society, industrial and buildings.

Typical customer are all types of companies and businesses that need smart communication solutions.


IoT Open Edge Software can be installed in CTS equipment used for residential subscribers which is currently deployed in Finland.


Networking and wireless solutions

Daimler provides high-performance networking hardware, IT infrastructure, cloud services, system integration, network design, maintenance, and support services to a broad range of sectors such as Telecom, Enterprise, Utility, Hospitality and Education. 

Our capabilities include network equipment and professional services for building, enhancing and operating wireless, fixed, open and private IP networks.

Areas of expertise

Our core competencies are Broadband Internet Access solutions and TCP/IP networking including both wireless and wired data transmission.

Daimler’s twenty years of experience designing networks and managing projects has allowed its clients which include service providers, fiber-optic network co-operatives, municipalities, power companies, large and medium-sized businesses, to benefit from networks perfectly suited for the implementation of their mission-critical applications on stable network platforms.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Access/Distribution/Core
  • Fiber-to-the-Home
  • Copper-based Access Networks

Professional services

In addition, Daimler provides extensive technical advice and professional services to meet the demands of a successful network project.

Daimler’s team of system engineers delivers skilled operator-grade technical design and support to increase your entity’s efficiency and overall productivity.  Our services include site surveys, link budgets, topology schemes, implementation plans, pre-installations, testing, documentation, support and maintenance. Product training, workshops and certification training courses are also available to partners.


Products and solutions

Daimler carries products from industry leading hardware manufacturers and software developers.

Whether the scope of your network project ranges from your company’s local area network or a school district’s wireless LAN solution to a large-scale regional operator network, our goal is to propose the best possible solution in accordance with your specific needs and requirements.

The IoT Open Edge Software and platform is used within IoT-projects in Finland.


We develop products and end-to-end solutions that match the needs of broadband service providers, operators and installers, and are designed to make end-users happy.

We deliver a complete portfolio of products for fiber broadband in the home, including DIY fiber terminators, optical network units, full service network devices, and WiFi enabled residential gateways and access points. All these products are manageable, support industry standards and are designed for sustainability.

IoT Open Edge Software can be installed on several of Genexis devices.

Inovia Ai

Inovia AB mainly works with expert competence in 4 main areas. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Cyber security. Inovia builds solutions for customer's specific problems, based on best practice.


Labatus is a software test and validation company that was founded in 2005 and has its roots in the media industry.

Our current certification programs are; Conax CA, Telenor IDTV, Boxer IDTV, Tele2 IDTV and Allente IDTV.

Our tests cover areas such as test automation, security, testing and Analytics.

We have more than 15 years of experience within test and certifications, for customers within Media, IOT and Automotive industri. More information can be found at


NODA Intelligent Systems, with its background in data science, was founded in 2005. The headquarter is situated at NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden, with an additional office in Malmö and partners in Belgium, Germany, Poland, France and UK. NODA has a long history of AI-based innovation in district heating and cooling, and has been a core technology partner in numerous international research projects. By providing the energy sector with its know-how, NODA is at the forefront of designing the new sustainable energy landscape.

NODA has been awarded numerous prizes and awards for its innovative and groundbreaking products and services.

Noda can today deliver services built on proptech data from IoT Open

Nordic Platinum Network

Nordic Platinum Network is a value adding distributor of IoT equipment, and most components are IoT Open Ready. We have a close relationship with IoT Opens owner TH1NG where we together create value for TH1NG’s customers in several IoT projects.


Semcon is a consulting company with over 2 000 employees globally. Product development companies is Semcon’s largest customer base. These customers can be found in all kinds of domains such as Automotive, Industry, Medtech but also in municipal companies and government authorities and agencies.

Product development companies have long seen great business opportunities in IoT, connecting their products and expand new services for end users.

Connected products deliver data to the cloud that can be further analyzed and processed there. Several AI applications such as predictive maintenance, optimizations, diagnoses, etc. are now being expanded at a rapid pace.

Semcon provides consulting services to enable this. Examples of competencies are project managers, architects, software developers (Embedded, front-end, back-end, full-stack developers), integration specialists, data scientists and pure ML and AI experts.


Skyresponse is a business-to-business software tech company offering an alarm management platform born in the cloud, internationally acknowledged and trusted by response centers and solution providers within care, smart buildings and safety.

Outperform the market quickly by adding Skyresponse as a strategic component in your business. We provide a complete, future-proof solution, adapting to your end-customer's needs through open APIs, granular configuration tailoring, and unlimited scalability.

IoT Open as an IoT Platform can interchange data with Skyresponse as an alarm management platform.


Sweco is a strong BIM & GIS-partner with expertise and tools for e.g. implementing Digital Twins in several levels.

Digital Twin technology – via a virtual or augmented model of a physical ‘thing’ – gives us an exact, dynamic replication of a building, asset, product, process or system that exists (or is going to exist) in the real world. By using data from sensors on an entity we want to monitor or analyse, the twin gives us an interactive view which lets us monitor metrics that have a key bearing on performance. It also provides invaluable intelligence when it comes to predicting and pre-empting faults before they occur.

While traditional models simply aid design and give us a copy of the property we’re proposing or building, a digital twin employs Internet of Things methodology to give us real time, real world insight – with ‘rich replication’ driven by live data rather than a static simulation built on limited dimensions or assumptions. The twin is constantly cloud-connected to IoT, SCADA, weather and other market data sources, which means it effectively self-evolves and becomes a living environment that we can use, test and assess for decision-making and collaboration indefinitely.

Swecos product Twinfinity is IoT Open Ready


WiTTRA Networks lead the market in delivering open standards in a hybrid network topology delivered through a single technology deployment. Wittra offers a range of wireless network technologies covering the most conceivable use cases within IoT, Wittra's network solutions help make systems and applications more functional and interoperable. WiTTRA accelerates the development of intelligent internet of things solutions with in-house developed hardware and smart sensors equipped with 3D positioning based on an open radio standard that connects your assets seamlessly with secure certified sensor tags that can help you track and locate anything and everything - ultimately providing a solid, reliable way for you to find out "where is my stuff, and what it is doing?". Wittra is the only IoT infrastructure you will ever need.


WITTRA offers a wireless IoT sensor network with a cloud-based API, that can be deployed on a site to monitor objects and assets. The ruggedized kit, enables users to Connect, Sense and Locate their assets in the toughest environments such as heavy industrial sites and areas of weak connectivity. The use of sub-GHz frequency bands provides a long transmission range and enables the signal to penetrate dense building infrastructure.

Through Wittra’s multi-protocol gateway it is possible to run both Mesh and LPWAN in a single technology deployment. connecting your assets seamlessly with a Wittra unified, secure, certified multi-protocol solution helping you track and locate anything and everything - providing a solid, reliable way for you to find out "where is my stuff, and what it is doing?"

Wittra is IoT Open Ready