Collecting data

IoT Open has several options for integrating data producers and collecting data in the system. The main interface is MQTT which is a central communication bus in the platform. Each message on MQTT has a topic that follows the message in the platform. Integrations can be made in several places, partly as stand-alone modules outside the platform or in the module that processes streaming data in the system.

Incoming data from nodes passes a framework for real-time processing. The framework has a very high capacity and buffers when needed.

Another central part of the IoT Open is DeviceX / FunctionX (DevX / FuncX) which is called devices and functions. A function is something that can be read, displayed, and / or controlled. Metadata is stored around each function, which among other things contains information about which MQTT topic is used to read or write to the function. Each message is stored in a time series database cluster (TSD) where data is retrieved based on topic and time. Data is handled in several stages of storage and how long it must be in the TSI before thinning and long-term storage can be defined depending on the requirements.

Data collected from edge can be collected via LPWAN technology, today via LoRa, alternatively with more local communication technology incl. Z-Wave, ZigBee, BT, BLE or different types of real estate communication buses and protocols e.g. KNX, BACnet or Modbus.

This section is about ”Collect data” but in general the platform can also always control devices via the various communication protocols mentioned. Pure sensor data from external suppliers such as data from OpenWeatherMap, SMHI or environmental data from the street space can not be controlled.

”Drivers” for new types of protocols and standards can be provisioned to gateways at the edge. This is one of the platform's strengths - to commission drivers and local business logic from the central platform to the edge, which means that new types of sensors can easily be connected to the platform as the need increases.